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Spring in the Ardennes

Spring in the Ardennes

When Spring has sprung, the forest, rivers, towns and countryside of the Ardennes come back to life in a vivid palette of colours. Come and share the pleasures of springtime and let the Ardennes enchant you.


Come into the greenery!

Spring is a rebirth: we pack away our winter woollies and slip on lighter clothes as the forest turns green again. The trees stretch out their branches to the rivers that have calmed from their winter torrents. It’s a perfect time of year for strolling in the sunshine or enjoying the theme parks and sports trails as they re-open. Anything is possible in the Ardennes in spring. As the warmer days continue, the pavements and squares fill with terrace tables and chairs, the meadows fill with sheep and cows and the first green shoots appear in the farmers’ fields.

Walk in Falmignoul
Lambs in the Ardennes

Pleasures all around you in the Ardennes

The mist can swirl around the alleyways and undergrowth on some mornings, but it soon clears to give way to longer, more enjoyable days. Bring your bike out of the cellar and dust it off, pull on your walking boots and set off along one of the many cycling and hiking trails through the Ardennes. Admire the daffodils blooming along the River Semois and pick the new dandelion leaves for a salad, or collect a bouquet of wildflowers.

VTT pleasure

Climb up to one of our citadels and smell the scent of an artisan beer wafting up from a café terrace. In April, May and June, the Ardennes are relieved to have survived another winter. Then come the Sunday cyclists and the classic cycle races.

Let the spring surprise you !

La Roche en Ardenne

Sensual pleasures in spring


  • See the forests turn green again. Hikers and walkers, follow the trails to see them up close!
  • Touch the ancient stones used to build our towns and villages. Heritage and history lovers, this is where it’s happening!
  • Taste the flavoursome fruits and other gastronomic specialities. Foodies and gourmets, we’ve already set the table for you!
  • Smell the essence of the undergrowth and the still-cool river water. Fans of unspoilt nature, our Ardennes are yours!
  • Hear the silence of our forest clearings, the laughter of children, the songs of wild birds and, in the evenings, the frothing of our hoppy beers. Friends who feel stressed and trapped in the rat race, come and recharge your batteries in the Ardennes!
The Meuse during spring
Pays de Herve
Flock of cows