Croix-Rouge (The Fairies’ Cave and the imprint of the horse Bayard )

At the crossroads of the Ardennes and Gaume, the place called Croix-Rouge stands cut off from the world in its forest setting. The legend of the Four Sons of Aymon pervades the ruins of Renaud Castle.

À Croix-rouge

A - The Fairies’ Cave and Renaud Castle

Explore the places where the fairy Oriande is said to have given Maugis the sword, Flamberge, and the horse, Bayard.


A few hundred metres from the Fairies’ Cave, Renaud Castle dominates the plain, rising 25 metres into the sky. The two sites lie in Croix-Rouge, at the crossroads of the N 87 and the N 879 (wooden panels along the N 879).

À Croix-rouge

B - The imprint of the horse Bayard

Montauban was encircled by Charlemagne’s army and famine threatened in the garrison. Taking a mighty leap, the horse Bayard escaped, bearing the four sons of Aymon. The horse left an imprint of its shoe on the rock that helped it make this incredible jump!