Corbion (Corbion )

À Corbion

A - The ruins of the house of grass snake

Below the village, well out of sight, there it lies, on the banks of a stream. Verlaine, who loved to run through the woods, knew the Bouillon region inside out. He followed narrow paths to meet his childhood friend, the priest Dewez. What heady discussions must have resulted from these encounters? Verlaine stayed here regularly, fleeing Belgian justice after his attack on Rimbaud: the perfect place, just a stone’s throw from France.


From Corbion church, a wooden panel entitled ‘Maison Verlaine’ indicates the path to the house, which is no longer standing. All that remains are the foundations and a lovely picnic spot at the water’s edge. A chance to dream and get away from it all with the words of the poet.


À Corbion

B - Semois tobacco and its museum

The cultivation of Semois tobacco reached its peak in the 1930s, when over 1,200 tonnes were produced, intended for pipes or rolling tobacco. During World War Two, the appearance of American light tobacco and the fashion for cigarettes dealt a serious blow to this flourishing local industry. In 1960 mildew, a devastating cryptogamic disease, sounded the death knell for Semois tobacco.
But in Corbion, Semois tobacco lives on. The museum and its friendly owners will take you on a journey into the land of tobacco and its origins far removed from the banks of the Semois.

Length of visit : 1hr

rue Tambour, 10
6838 Bouillon
Tel : 0032(0) 61 46 81 29
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À Corbion

C - Meet and savour

Le Fumet des Ardennes

As soon as you push open the door, you can smell the hams, sausages and other delights that await customers here. The smell of quality meat from the region, mixed with that of the smoke from the oak sawdust, patience and know-how.

For the past 42 years, Bernard has made it a point of honour to work exclusively with regional products, to the delight of his customers!