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Born in Burgundy, I travelled some 10 years worldwide before settling down in the French Ardennes. Passionate about nature, I spent many hours wandering in the Meuse valley or in the crests in the South of Charleville. Thirteen years and 2 kids later, I enjoy Charleville’s lifestyle. It offers a beautiful architecture, all shops and leisure activities needed along with a great proximity with nature, and on top of that, I can go everywhere by foot!


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In my spare time I love to go for a couple of hours of Nordic walking, my favourite sport because I can practise everywhere! The Ardennes are one of the greatest playgrounds.

But there is more to discover in the Ardennes, such as the war history, in the “Guerre and Paix” museum. Ever heard about Berlin-sur-Meuse?   

I learned about the history of
the Ardennes at the Guerre et Paix Museum

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Guerre et Paix Museum in the Ardennes

my firm favorites

What I love about Charleville is the direct proximity of nature. With my young kids, I like the family friendly spots around Charleville: Elfy Park, Domaine de Vendresse, Educational Farm of Liart,… no shortage of ideas in the Ardennes!

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