Kerterre at Aux Sabots de Vent

Aux sabots de vent

Aux sabots de vent

Sarah Bourtembourg

Aux Sabots de Vent is a farm where horses and ponies are raised, but it's also the smallest campsite in the Ardennes with room for just six tents and two unusual types of holiday accommodation for more curious guests to explore.

100% inspiring and fresh-air 100% local, natural and recyclable. 

Horses at Aux Sabots de Vent

Here we are in the southern Ardennes, a stone's throw from the Green Way that will soon run along the Ardennes Canal. The horses and ponies raised here are sold in horse markets around the world or are trained for work at this French riding school. 


At the farm, visitors are welcomed to the world of horses, miniature goats, rabbits, ducks and hens: in a 60-to- 90-minute guided tour with Sarah, she'll explain the farm's history and offer you a chance to feed the animals…


The farm is also home to the smallest campsite in the Ardennes, with the "Farm Welcome" label, where Sarah also offers two unusual types of holiday accommodation: "a night in the straw" close to the horses and the "kerterre" an earth-built house that's the result of an inclusive, inter-generational building project.

Aux Sabots de Vent
1, Rue des Lavoirs, RD 983 Hameau de Roche, 08130 CHUFFILLY-ROCHE
Département des Ardennes, France
Tel. : +33 6 82 38 98 44
Labels : Poney club de France, Cheval club de France, Cheval étape, Bien-être animal et Bienvenue à la ferme

Unusual: the "kerterre" is a work of art that can be lived in, made of hemp, water, sand and lime.

Kerterre and show-jumping ring at Aux Sabots de Vent
Kerterre at Aux sabots de vent
Children pony-trekking at Aux sabots de vent
Pony and hens at Aux sabots de vent

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Sarah recommends: Le Clos de la Forge

Sébastien and Sophie Loriette's business at Banogne-Recouvrance is a farm, gîtes and a laboratory.

The farm is on a human scale where cereals and sugar beet are grown. Sébastien is also developing plots of agro-forestry land, to encourage crop auxiliaries, such as insects, and to produce organic matter which, in 80 years will probably include building timber.


For several years, his sugar beets have been processed into sugar at a nearby co-operative, the main ingredient used by Sophie to make her range of "Made in Ferme" sweets, whose flavours include violet, strawberry, cherry, apple, poppy, toffee-apple, candyfloss and peach Melba…

The old forge has been converted into two gîtes, and the roof is entirely covered in solar panels. Guests can share a circular swimming and hydrotherapy pool.


A multi-faceted place that's completely in keeping with the countryside surrounding it.


Le Clos de la Forge
5, Rue des Forgerons, 08220 BANOGNE-RECOUVRANCE
Département des Ardennes, France
Tel. : +33 6 76 42 36 71 

Main building at Le Clos de la Forge
Pool at Le Clos de la Forge