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Domaine Saint-Roch 

Domaine Saint-Roch

Philippe Roisin

The Domaine Saint-Roch, is a place, an environmentally friendly place. Where families are engaged in a shared habitat project. Together, they manage the estate and its rentals of spaces in the buildings that have been renovated with maximum respect for the environment.

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From each according to his skills. A place of social life and conviviality in the environmentally friendly gîtes and rooms for weddings, seminars and team-building events.

Market-gardening, raising small animals, orchard and soon a shop, bakery and brewery... Here, they aim to be self-sufficient for food by 2023. The estate is already 90% self-sufficient in energy: generating heat and electricity, capturing rainwater and treating waste water. They take pleasure in explaining and talking about the many projects underway here. In September 2021, a private school will open here with around 20 pupils.

With its convergence of ideas and actions, its desire to protect the environment and its ability to disconnect visitors and residents from the outside world, the Domaine Saint-Roch is a lifestyle project that's easy to share.

Domaine Saint-Roch
20, Route de Charlemagne, 5660 Couvin
Province of Namur, Belgium
Tel: +32 (0)60 34 40 54
Labels : Green Key – Wildlife Estates – Wallonia Quality Destination

The estate is already 90% self-sufficient in energy: generating heat and electricity, capturing rainwater and treating waste water.

Domaine Saint Roch - wedding room
Domaine Saint Roch - bubble
Domaine Saint Roch - lounge
Domaine Saint Roch - guest bedroom

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Philippe recommends: Le P’tit Pot Belge

Sylvain is simultaneously a private chef,  an upmarket grocer and the owner of a take-away meals shop. He loves playing with a diverse range of flavours, with a special preference for promoting local produce and ingredients produced locally. He currently works with 35 local suppliers, the majority of whom deliver to him, thus ensuring he can trace the origin of almost all his ingredients, and he takes every opportunity to highlight them. As a chef, Sylvain creates sublime mixtures of ingredients depending on the occasion: an event, a business party or simply a pleasant dinner for a family or group of friends. 

He offers meals to take away from his shop, prepared by himself or others. On the shelves of the shop we spotted little hollow artisan chocolate chickens from Christine et Chocolat, herbs and spices from Les Épices du Monde, boxes of Belgian beers and "Boudines", crunchy artisan-made biscuits. What a delight!


Le P’tit Pot Belge
31, Chaussée de Philippeville, 5660 MARIEMBOURG
Province of Namur, Belgium
Tel: +32 472 93 16 77

Le P'tit Pot Belge - shop
Le P'tit Pot Belge - some of the team
Le P'tit Pot Belge - containers
Le P'tit Pot Belge - chicken

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