Freux Fishing Centre - view of the lake

Freux fishing centre

Freux fishing centre

Astrid Goffinet

Welcome to the fishing paradise. The people who come here know why. They choose which lake to fish in depending on their preferred style of fishing. 3 lakes, 3 styles.

Swans on the lake at the Freux Fishing Centre

In the Large Lake, it's area no-kill trout fishing using lures and hooks that don't injure the fish.

A no-kill policy too at the "Carpodrome" where you can fish with bait or fly-fish. Carp, crucian carp, tench and roach, this is where beginners and kids can learn the pleasure of fishing and respect for the fish, because they are released once caught.

At the Etang des Bains, there is fishing for giant carp and sturgeon. Visitors can put up their tents in one of the seven designated camping areas around the lake for between 24 and 72 hours.

Near the lakes is a very productive brown trout farm that was established in 1890 and is now run on organic, artisan lines.

Pêcherie de Freux
22, Rue du Moulin, 6800 FREUX
Province of Luxembourg, Belgium
Tel: +32 485 80 97 38 trout fishing using lures and hooks that don't injure the fish.

View of the lake at Freux Fishing Centre
View of the lake in winter at Freux Fishing Centre
View of the lake and house in winter at Freux Fishing Centre

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