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Villa Balat

Villa Balat

Muriel Charon

Muriel Charon has a passion for welcoming guests, and shares it in two different places.

Breakfast with her guests

Muriel's "Apothecarus" gîtes at Fosses-la-Ville, are snuggled in a house whose foundations date back to the Middle Ages, in the historic town centre, near the collegiate church. The Art Deco-style building formerly housed a chemist's shop. Comfort. Wellbeing. Style.

At Jambes, on the banks of the River Meuse, Villa Balat offers three guest bedrooms, named "Henri Balat", "Anna Boch" and "Félicien Rops". Ask Muriel why she chose these names, and she'll be delighted to explain. For her passion is telling stories, welcoming attentively, explaining history and encouraging you to explore the surrounding area. The generous breakfasts are served in the garden, in the dining room or on the terrace overlooking the river and feature local produce. Every detail has been taken care of, as it has in the interior design, done with care by Muriel herself. She is planning to offer beginners' lessons in painting and understanding works of art. Atypical and inspiring.

Villa Balat
39, Quai de Meuse, 5100 JAMBES    
Province of Namur, Belgium
Tel: +32 473 305 500

 For her passion is telling stories, welcoming attentively, explaining history and encouraging you to explore the surrounding area.

Villa Balat dining room
Villa Balat bathroom
Villa Balat bedroom
Villa Balat breakfast
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Recommended by Muriel: the Château de Bioul

Passion, welcome and history reign here. The home of the Vaxelaire family, the Château de Bioul is simultaneously a place to explore, a venue for events, receptions and team-building sessions, and a working vineyard. 

The Château de Bioul's wines have made names for themselves outside Belgium, and have won several awards. Andy and Vanessa have based their know-how on tradition and a respect for nature. Whites, reds, sparkling white and rosé… their land is ideal for making wines full of character, which have been made for 10 years, thanks to the skill of Mélanie, the young chief wine-maker, whose motto is "Fruit first and above all!". The wines are contemporary and traditional at the same time.

A worthy descendant of the founders of the Bon Marché department stores, Vanessa is an excellent host and is commercially astute.She loves telling the 120-year-old story. Describing the vines and wines. Bringing you to the heart of the place. 


Le Château de Bioul
1, Place Vaxelaire, 5537 BIOUL
Province of Namur, Belgium
Tel: +32 71 799 943


View of the Château de Bioul
Grape harvest at the Château de Bioul
Grapes at the Château de Bioul
Wine cellar at the Château de Bioul

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