A guest bedroom at A Quiet Place B&B

A quiet Place b&B

A quiet Place B&B

Jacqueline Daloze

In the former home of the last haulier to use draught horses, at the heart of the village of Rossignol, Jacqueline Daloze offers two charming B&B guest rooms. She ensures the maintenance of peaceful, reinvigorating atmosphere, hence her B&B's name: A Quiet Place.

Hospitality. Sharing. Connection.

Jaqueline Daloze - photo credit: Noody Prod

Jacqueline Daloze loves to share the land in every sense. By participating in her local economic network: using local artisans to renovate the house and to upcycle furniture, low food miles for her breakfasts made with local produce and her suggestions of local restaurants and take-aways for other meals.


Here, sustainability is found in the details, zero-waste practices in the kitchen and an hourglass in the shower to minimise water consumption…


In the garden, in the old armchair under the apple tree, you can reconnect with nature and listen to it live… What motivates Jacqueline is creating the conditions for her guests to open up to their surroundings.

A Quiet Place
243, Rue des Ecoles, 6730 Rossignol, Belgium
Tel: +32 495 32 32 34
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Here, sustainability is found in the details

Breakfast at A Quiet Place
One of the guest bedrooms at A Quiet Place
Bedroom with workspace at A Quiet Place
Guest bedroom at A Quiet Place - photo credit Noody Prod
Bike at A Quiet Place - photo credit Noody Prod
A Quiet Place - photo credit Noody Prod

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Jacqueline recommends: Cœur de Village co-op grocer's shop

The Coeur de Village co-operative grocer's shop at Bellefontaine, not far from Rossignol, is one of Jacqueline Daloze's suppliers.


The co-operative was created in a year, following the closure of the Petit Delhaize supermarket. Eighty volunteers run this grocer's shop, guided by the former supermarket manager. They aim to fulfil the needs and expectations of as many customers as possible, at affordable prices. So, local food produce, that is sometimes organic and sometimes sold by other co-operatives and artisans, has been added to the conventional range of goods on sale, with many of them available in bulk.


At the heart of the local economy, Cœur de Village accepts payment in Ears of Corn, the local currency, and even encourages its use by occasionally offering discounts to customers who use it.


Worth noting are its long opening hours, from 1.30pm on Mondays to 12 noon on Sundays each day until 7pm.

The tea and coffee corner encourages customers to pause and chat. Encounters and conviviality. Welcome.


A place that weaves links and reboosts.


Cœur de Village
100, Rue Jean-Charles de Hugo, 6730 Bellefontaine, Belgium
Tel. : +32 63 60 05 84

Drinks aisle at Coeur du Village
Stock up with local produce at Coeur du Village
Fresh produce at Coeur du Village
Coeur du Village

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