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Walks of less than 10km in the Ardennes

Walks of less than 10km in the Ardennes

Explore the best walks of less than ten kilometres in the Ardennes. Perfect for a half-day, alone, or with the kids, friends or your other half, exploring the most beautiful Ardennes countryside. 

Bois des Dames walk - Pierre Pauquay

Bois des Dames


Sometimes, you can stumble across a a place that feels like the back of beyond a few kilometres from home, like the soot-caked former industrial site of Bois des Dames at Chaudfontaine, where the hills are bare and the trees wizened like those on the savannah. The site has an unusual geology, caused by deposits of zinc dust discharged by the factory at Fraipont, which burned down and was demolished. Today, mother nature has slowly begun to reclaim the fire-damaged land and it is a magnificent location for a walk.

  Access: Via E25 motorway, exit 39 (Chênée), then follow N61 towards Chaudfontaine

  Level of difficulty: Easy - Distance: 6km - Duration: 2h45

  Location: Chaudfontaine, Belgium


Bois les Dames walk

River Ourthe meander


This walk starts at Esneux railway station and goes towards the bridge over the Ourthe where, on the right, is "Le Thier", a magnificent flight of steps leading to the historic village centre. Further on, a track on the hillside leads to the banks of the Ourthe at Hony, a village that has retained all the charm of yesteryear,  where you'll find a bakery selling delicious cakes… Then the path gets steeper as it climbs up to Falcons' Rock, where the spectacular views will make all your effort worthwhile!

The banks of the River Ourthe - Pierre Pauquay The River Ourthe at Esneux - Pierre Pauquay The view from Falcons' Rock - Pierre Pauquay

  Access: Via E25 motorway, exit 42, then take the N633 towards Esneux

  Level of difficulty: Moderate - Distance: 10km - Duration: 4h

  Location: Esneux, Belgium


Ourthe meander walk and Roche aux Faucons

Ouren - Pierre Pauquay Stream near Ouren - Pierre Pauquay Our valley - Pierre Pauquay

Our valley trail


In the valley of the River Our, close to the German border, walking trails unfold toward the horizon. We have chosen a walk around the village of Ouren. This charming region is located where the borders of Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg meet. As we walk through it, we quickly realise how sweet life must be in this peaceful valley. Every bend in the path reveals delightful views of this enchanted valley.

  Access: Via E42 motorway, exit 15

  Level of difficulty: Moderate - Distance: 9km - Duration: 3h

  Location: Ouren, Belgium


Our valley walk

The Chantoirs valley


A "chantoir" is a stream which disappears underground, and which resurfaces further on down a valley. Starting in Adzeux, a village with seventeenth-century stone houses, the walk crosses a landscape of "bocages" (wooded farmland with high hedges). This walk is an ideal way to explore the countryside between the Condroz and the Ardennes.

Chantoirs valley walk - Pierre Pauquay

  Access: Via E25 motorway, exit 45.

  Level of difficulty: Easy - Distance: 6km - Duration: 2h30

  Location: Banneux, Belgium


Chantoirs valley walk

Ninglinspo waterfall - Pierre Pauquay Ninglinspo waterfall - Pierre Pauquay

The Ninglinpso valley


This walk follows the Ninglinspo stream, as it runs over waterfalls large and small in the depths of the forest. With a descent of more than 200m in its 2.5km length, this walk never disappoints! It's like being in a fairytale world.

  Access: Via E25 motorway, exit 46, then follow N633 towards Remouchamps and Stoumont

  Level of difficulty: Moderate - Distance: 4km - Duration: 1h40

  Location: Sedoz (Remouchamps), Belgium


Ninglinspo valley walk 



This walk follows blue waymarks across the Ourthe valley and features a great variety of landscapes. The descent into the valley formed by the Vieux Moulin stream is a delight. Here, the buildings blend into the landscape: former workshops and fortified farmhouses are fixed in the countryside. The path then join the Pont-le-Prêtre ("Priest's bridge") stream, whose name is derived from the journeys made by the parish priest of Izier to say Mass at Villers-Sainte-Gertrude.

Waymarked walk at Pont-le-Prêtre, Izier - Pierre Pauquay Waymarked walk at Pont-le-Prêtre, Izier - Pierre Pauquay

  Access: Via N806 from Manhay to Bomal, following signs to Villers-Sainte-Gertrude

  Level of difficulty: Moderate - Distance: 7km - Duration: 3h

  Location: Izier, Belgium


Pont-le-Prêtre walk

View from La Roche à Sept Heures at Monthermé - Pierre Pauquay View of the River Meuse from La Roche à Sept Heures at Monthermé - Pierre Pauquay Monthermé forest - Pierre Pauquay

La Roche à Sept Heures


One of the most beautiful meanders of the River Meuse in the Ardennes is at Monthermé. This walk starts amid the schist-stone walls which line the narrow streets of the charming small town of Monthermé, and then begins to climb, as the best views are from the highest points. From the top of the sublime ridge you can enjoy one of the most majestic panoramic views in the Ardennes. In contrast to the Belgian Ardennes, which are dominated by coniferous plantations, here the trees are mostly broadleaved: beeches, oaks and birches.

  Access: Via the "L'enveloppe" or the "Crêtes" footpaths from Monthermé

  Level of difficulty: Moderate - Distance: 6km - Duration: 2h30

  Location: Monthermé, France


La Roche à Sept Heures walk 

Mont Saint Walfroy walk


At Margut, the hermitage is located in an exceptional position. Overlooking the surrounding region, the hill wraps itself around the countryside of the of the Chiers valley. This walk crosses the sunlit "cuesta" hills. The magical microclimate of the neighbouring Gaume region soon makes itself felt: it's so mild! The route climbs in a southerly direction and crosses the limestone meadows where mountain crickets and blue-winged grasshoppers are found along with the most beautiful wild orchids: a magical place! A delightfully shady path leads to the end of this beautiful southerly walk.

Limestone meadows - Pierre Pauquay

  Access: Via the D8043 from Sedan

  Level of difficulty: Easy- Distance: 7.5km - Duration: 2h30

  Location: Margut, France


Mont Saint Walfroy walk