View of Han-sur-Lesse

the best Restaurants with views 

the best restaurants with views 


In the Ardennes, gastronomy certainly reaches the heights! Here are our 11 special favourites among the restaurants with spectacular panoramic views.

Restaurant du Château at Clervaux

Restaurant du Château at Clervaux

The chateau itself is worth a special trip. It is set on a rocky outcrop, proudly overlooking the small town. Inside its walls, chef Christian Ewen is delighted to welcome you to his restaurant, whose interior is a blend of rustic and contemporary styles. He is pleased to make suggestions for you from his menu inspired by his daily supply of fresh local produce.

Location: 4, Montée du château, 9712 Clervaux, Luxembourg

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Restaurant du Barrage de la Gileppe

Restaurant du barrage de la Gileppe

You can enjoy breathtaking, unique 360° views here: it's like something out of a James Bond film! The restaurant is accessed via two lifts to the top of a 77m tower. From its windows, there are spectacular views of the La Gileppe lake, to enjoy as you tuck into delicious food.

Location: 55A, Route de la Gileppe, 4845 Jalhay, Belgium

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The terrace at Les Sept Meuses - 3D Image

Les Sept Meuses

You will quickly realise you are in an exceptional restaurant when you see the convivial contemporary-style interior and experience the warm welcome from the charming staff. The menu at Les Sept Meuses, is created by a chef full of great ideas for food made using local produce. Plus, there are spectacular panoramic views of the meandering river from the terrace…

Location : 27, Sart à Soile/Soilles, 5170 Rivière, Belgium

More info: Les 7 Meuses


Le Belvédère

This excellent trendy brasserie is located overlooking the Meuse valley and charms in many ways. Its well-cooked, deeply flavoured and balanced food makes the most of the best seasonal fish and game.

Le Belvédère

Location: 5, Rue du Belvédère, 5170 Lustin, Belgium

More info: Le Belvédère


Restaurant Le Point de Vue at Rochehaut

Located close to one of the most famous viewpoints in Belgium, there is always a relaxed atmosphere in this comprehensively restored restaurant which is an ideal place to enjoy a local beer, a quick snack or a full meal after walking the Echelles Trail. A very friendly place for drinks or a meal with your walker or hiker friends.

Restaurant Le Point de Vue

Location: 3, Route de Alle, 6830 Rochehaut, Belgium

More info: Restaurant Le Point de Vue


Restaurant du Panorama at Bouillon

Le restaurant du Panorama at Bouillon

Located in the heights of this ancient town is the beautiful and well-reputed Le Panorama restaurant. You are welcomed with a warm smile and an enthusiasm to help you explore the restaurant's many charms. Seated on the terrace looking down on the River Semois, you can enjoy generous and refined food, selected and prepared by the chef-proprietor.

Location: 25, Rue au-dessus de la ville, 6830 Bouillon, Belgium

More info: Panorama Hotel


Le Tchar Scaille

You literally reach the summit here, in that it's 500m above sea level and benefits from the influence of the continental climate which transforms the hamlet known as Les Six Chaînons to a mountain area. The chalet that is home to "Le Tchar Scaille" touches the edge of the world. The view of the forest from its terrace is magnified and you can see for miles: not a single house or any sign of human presence disturbs the endless view. Chef Philippe offers a unique and intriguing menu which completely matches the place.

Restaurant Le Tchar Scaille - Nicolas Koussa

Location: Les Six Chaînons, 08800 Thilay, France

More info: Tchar Scaille


Le Balcon en Forêt - Nicolas Koussa

Le Balcon en Forêt

The road seems never to stop climbing up to the highest point in the French Ardennes, Les Hauts-Buttés. It's a different country up here on the high plateaux where a cold, wet wind blows and where mother nature reigns. In this isolated hamlet, you enter an inn full of human warmth. The chef-proprietor creates his menus using the best produce available at the market each day, making the most of local specialities. A stripped-back approach and attention to detail mark out this haven of talent and generosity.

Location: 4, Les Hauts Buttés, 08800 Monthermé, France

More info: Le Balcon en Forêt


La Ferme Auberge du Malgré Tout

The road climbs steadily up from the Meuse valley until, in the middle of the forest, you arrive at La Ferme Auberge du Malgré Tout. Its idyllic, peaceful setting attracts walkers, hikers and local regulars to relax and enjoy traditional Ardennes specialities, prepared with a gastronomic touch.

La Ferme Auberge du Malgré Tout

Location: Route Malgré-Tout, 08500 Revin, France

More info: Ferme Auberge du Malgré Tout