Top 8
best Instagram spots

Top 8
perfect places for your Instagram account

Aaah, Instagram, the inescapable! We have a few places up our sleeve to help you enhance your Instagram account! T#visitardenne

The 8 gems that follow are a resounding success among the Instagram community. Ranging from urban landscape to total wilderness, these eight sites are your biggest must-sees during your visit to the Ardennes. Get a friend to take a snap on a flattering backdrop, or use your self-timer for a selfie that'll have all your followers dreaming! And don't forget to use the right hashtage, #visitardenne!

1.  On top of the world at Kalterherberg - @_danielwi

Nicknamed the Matterhorn of the Eifel region, the rocky outcrop of Bieley Rock offers incredible views over the Plateau des Fagnes! It's quite a walk to get there, but it's definitely worth the effort. This is the highest rock in Wallonia, reaching an elevation of 560 metres. But you'll have to go via Germany to reach it. Daniel tells us the area is sometimes cut off as it is a military training ground!




Crédit: Follow @_danielwi


  Access: From Eupen centre, follow the N67 as far as Mützenich. Approximately 500 metres across the border, turn right (at a right angle) towards Kalterherberg and Reichestein and continue for 4.4 km to the large car park located on your right, on the left bank of the Rur. From there, follow the track leading up to the rock. After 200 metres it crosses an old village road (you're back in Wallonia) before reaching the north-east side of the mountain after a few minutes.


  Level of difficulty: Average

  Location: Kalterherberg


2. The beautiful forest of Ninglinspo - @woodmanjim

With its name straight out of fantasyland, Ninglinspo may bring a smile to your face. But you'll be captivated by the bewitching beauty of this place. The 7 km walk takes you along a river where you can bathe in the summer. Dotted with huge rocks, waterfalls and some amazing trees, Ninglinspo works its magic. The valley of cauldrons and the romantic valley are just two of the many nicknames given to this unique place. We're certain you'll take a few enchanting pictures to add to your Instagram feed.






Credit: Follow @Woodmanjim

  Access: Start at Nonceveux. You'll see a restaurant and car park on your left, and "NINGLINSPO" is indicated

  Level of difficulty: Easy - 7.2 km walk

  Location: Nonceveux

3.  La Croisette in Dinant - @comewanderwithus

These days, everybody's talking about Dinant! Elected one of the continent's 10 key destinations at the 2019 European Destination Awards, this town is remarkably photogenic. On the riverbank, between the saxophones on Charles-de-Gaulle bridge, or up at the citadel, you won't know where to point your lens! So grab your smartphone, charge the batteries, and follow in the footsteps of two travel fans who have fallen in love with this town!


Credit: Follow @comewanderwithus


  Access: Avenue Colonnel Cadoux, opposite the Tourist Office

  Level of difficulty: Easy

  Location: Dinant


4.  On the little streets of Durbuy, the smallest town in the world - @nynlland

Durbuy just gets better and better! Its little streets lined with elegant boutiques, vintage shops and sophisticated restaurants are well worth a visit to experience the good life, Ardennes-style. Everything here deserves an Instagram post! Decidedly, the world's smallest town has nothing to blush about, it's right up there with the big cities... Don't delay, come exploring like Nynke and take home some wonderful pictures with an old-fashioned feel!








Credit: Follow @nynlland

  Access: Rue des Récollets or Rue des Prévotés

  Level of difficulty: Easy

  Location: Durbuy

5.  The carousel on Place Ducale - @simseuse

So whose decision was it to install this magnificent carousel in the middle of Place Ducale? The decision of a genius, whoever it was. The attraction's pinkish sheen and childish sparkle gets plenty of "likes", so if you're looking for an original subject that conjures melancholic memories, then look no further! Whatever you do, don't leave Charleville-Mézières without visiting the carousel...







Credit: Follow @simseuse


  Access: Au coeur de la Place Ducale

  Level of difficulty: Facile

  Location: Charleville-Mézières


6.  Beneath the window arches of Vianden Castle - @discoverwithzani

Vianden Castle is a highlight of the Ardennes, a real gem to be discovered. You'll enjoy exploring this castle from top to bottom, especially its colonnade windows looking directly out over the nearby forest! This is the ultimate spot for a perfect Instagram pic! The hues of the exterior backdrop vary from one season to another! Zak & Ani from London liked the autumn best for visiting Eislek.


Credit: Follow @discoverwithzani

  Access: During a tour of Vianden Castle

  Level of difficulty: Easy

  Location: Vianden

7.  The fleeting bridge of branches at Laforêt - @riggieray

The village of Laforêt in southern Belgium is officially one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Wallonia. It really is the heart of the Ardennes forest. The bridge of branches across the River Semois is absolutely charming. Few people have seen it or even heard of it, but this bridge with a difference creates a wonderful atmosphere! It is built every June when the River Semois is at its lowest level, and dismantled in autumn when the water rises. Don't hesitate to come this way and explore the mysterious Semois valley just like in Rani's Instagram feed.




Crédit: Follow @riggierayy


  Access: Rue de Lingue  - 5550

  Level of difficulty: Easy

  Location: Laforêt


8.  Unchanging Walzin Castle - @_marcellopaiva_

On its stone headland overlooking the Lesse valley stands one of the most photogenic castles that ever existed. And you can observe it from many angles! Take a breathtaking low-angle shot from a kayak on the river at the very bottom of the valley, or a higher view from among the rocks of Furfooz Park. Or why not follow Marcello's idea and photograph it across the fields. At any time of year, this castle is unrivalled when it comes to romanticism. You'll find it just ten minutes or so from Dinant centre.









Credit: Follow @_marcellopaiva_

  Access: Follow the River Lesse upstream from Anseremme on the road named "Pont à Lesse". At the crossroads with Rue de Walzin, after a few kilometres across the countryside, take the road down to the car park. You can reach the fields via a footbridge. In summer, why not walk across the Lesse and even enjoy a picnic below the castle on one of the little islands in the middle of the river?


  Level of difficulty : Easy to average, depending on which angle you choose

  Location: Walzin