To the Rhythm of Ardiunna

to the rhythm of Arduinna

To the rhythm of Arduinna

Corinne De Lange

Disconnect from the busy world with Arduinna, the Celtic goddess of the Ardennes…Regain your personal rhythm with nature. This is the promise of Corinne De Lange.

Corinne de Lange To the Rhythm of Arduinna

A B&B guest room within the family home, built by herself with a timber frame and many other environmentally friendly materials: straw for insulation, cob walls, potato-and-natural-pigment paint, etc.     

In the pastures are two horse-drawn caravans and their small cabins containing bathrooms and kitchens. There's no electricity, just two solar panels to power the lights and phone-charging points. A real bivouac among the cows, draught horses and chickens. Immersion.

One of the horse-drawn caravans is still mobile, and can be used for tours of between 10 and 12km per day. You can spend your nights under the stars or in a room at the Post Coaching Inn at Launois-sur-Vence. Coherence…

Breakfast each day includes home-made farmhouse cheese and jam and local "pavé d’Ardenne" traditional artisan bread from the baker's. Treat yourself with simple things. Authenticity.

To the Rhythm of Arduinna
10, Rue Haute, 08430 TOULIGNY
Département des Ardennes, France
Tel: +33

The travelling caravan offers the experience of a trip pulled by a draught horse.

Caravan at To the Rhythm of Arduinna
Close to nature at To the Rhythm of Arduinna
Setting off in the caravan from To the Rhythm of Arduinna

Recommended by Corinne: Golden Lion Farm

Corinne recommends Golden Lion Farm, 6km from Touligny, where visitors are warmly welcomed by the Deloche family, who are keen to share their passion for bringing the countryside to life. They raise and care for ewes and their lambs, cows and their calves and draught horses. They offer educational guided tours for families, tastings, opportunities to help with lambing and caring for the animals, performances in the sheep pen and horse-drawn carriage rides...sharing the riches of the farming wold with as many others as possible, including tourists who often discover a completely new world.


The farm shop sells produce from the farm, mainly meat (beef, veal, lamb and organic pork raised on straw) but also unpasteurised milk and prepared meals made to traditional recipes, including the iconic Ardennes ham salad or beef carbonnade made with Ardwen beer. Enough to make your mouth water!


Golden Lion Farm
16, Rue du Lion d’Or, 08430 JANDUN
Département des Ardennes, France
Tel: +33 03 24 35 01 25

Lambs at Golden Lion Farm
A lamb at Golden Lion Farm
Antonin at Golden Lion Farm