Terrace at the Tastes Bar

the tastes bar

The tastes Bar

Philippe Wauthier

Visit this bar for a glass of beer or a glass of wine or a bit of culture, this is a place for sharing. Philippe and Vinciane Wauthier love welcoming customers to their unusual bar, a huge space with extraordinary décor in a former furniture shop.  

Vinciane and Philippe at The Tastes Bar

The bar’s stock of eighty craft beers doesn’t include Orval, even though it’s only a stone’s throw away, and customers are encouraged to experiment and try something new. The bar has quickly gained a reputation, and beer lovers travel from far and wide to visit. The same can be said for the bar’s selection of wine. Many customers travel from France and a few from Italy. It sells organic and biodynamic wines and beers, accompanied by locally sourced nibbles.

Philippe explores, discovers, tastes and suggests, and can conjure up anecdotes and explanations about any of the drinks he sells.

The bar’s ambiance is enhanced by frequent exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, literary evenings, meet-the-winemaker tastings and themed events in the summer, but it’s so large that those customers who want a quiet corner to themselves to read or work can always find one.

If you don’t have time to stop, you can also pick up beers and wine to enjoy at home.


Le Bar à Goûts
30, Rue Neuve, 6810 JAMOIGNE
Province of Luxembourg, Belgium
Tel: +32 473 92 14 55

Exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, literary evenings, meet-the-winemaker tastings and themed events in the summer: atmosphere guaranteed.

Concert at the Tastes Bar
Counter at the Tastes Bar
Outside the Tastes Bar

Philippe recommends: Hope Farm

The sheep and goats on Justine Mouget’s Hope Farm at Prouvy sometimes come to say hello to customers drinking on the terrace of the Tastes Bar from the neighbouring meadow. This organic farm is Justine’s passion, as is the wellbeing of her livestock. They are provided with mineral lick blocks containing powdered plants and essential oils to aid their digestion. Justine uses the skills she acquired during her water management and forestry training to improve their lives.

Each year, from mid-March onwards, she sells delicious raw-milk farmhouse cheese at her farm shop, including tomme, matured cheese, bricks and balls. Whether in her waders in the stables or in her apron behind the counter of her farm shop, Justine loves taking care of her flocks and chatting to her customers. Her cheese is also sold at the “Cœur de Village” shop and in the “Réseau Solidairement” chain of grocer’s shops.



La Ferme de l’Espérance
27, Voie d’Orval, 6810 PROUVY
Province of Luxembourg, Belgium
Tel: + 32 498 22 20 48

Goats at Hope Farm - Justine Mouget
Cheese-making at Hope Farm - Justine Mouget
Cheeses at Hope Farm - Justine Mouget