Playground at Domaine de Vendresse

Domaine de Vendresse

Domaine de Vendresse

Marie Pécheral

At the Domaine de Vendresse, visitors swing between fire and water and between history, education and relaxation. Developed on the site of a former steelworks that is a listed historic monument, the park evokes the golden age of Ardennes iron-making through the story of the forgemaster Jean Nicolas Gendarme.

Furnace at Domaine de Vendresse

A little further away many different types of fish live in the aquariums. Visitors can even touch some of them in special 'touching ponds'. They can also feed the fish. Exploring the underwater world is a great way of learning about the water cycle and the wildlife in the rivers of the Ardennes.

New attractions include: a turtle pond, a biodiversity zone with 60m of hedges, a barefoot trail, a butterfly garden and an educational pond to observe local insects.

Then, of course, there's the playground with a new giant fish to climb on, slide over and jump off…

Domaine de Vendresse
11, Rue du Haut-Fourneau, 08160 VENDRESSE
Département des Ardennes, France
Tel: +33 3 24 35 57 73

Exploring the underwater world is a great way of learning about the water cycle and the wildlife in the rivers of the Ardennes.

Aquarium at Domaine de Vendresse
Frog enclosure at Domaine de Vendresse
Fish and Ducks event at Domaine de Vendresse

La bonne adresse de Marie : Les Bulles ardennaises

In 2002, Martine and Etienne Capitaine refurbished the Lalobbe cider brewery, which had previously attracted customers from as far away as Paris. Ten years later, there daughter Blandine, then her husband David , joined them. Today they have taken over the management of the family firm. To the existing 5 hectares of apple trees, in 2020 they added 4 hectares of pear and apple trees. Now their orchard counts almost 3,000 trees, all farmed organically. The fruit is harvested in the autumn, then pressed, fermented and bottled in a timeless annual cycle that calls for patience, working to nature's rhythm, focussed on the taste of the end products.


Les Bulles ardennaises ("Ardennes bubbles") is now a well-known brand, not only for its ciders and sparkling aperitifs, but also for its organic fruit juices and its spirits,. Its products include "cidr’aigre", the astonishing "Ardenno" eau de vie, "Frênette" a mediaeval soft drink, "confit de cidre", "poiré" and apple jelly.


Les Bulles ardennaises
3, Hameau de la Besace, 08460 LALOBBE
Tel: + +33 3 24 52 80 82


Les bulles ardennaises - Cider
Les bulles ardennaises logo
Les bulles ardennaises - Cider and ham