Meuse water hikes, an opportunity to discover unusual perspectives. Photo credit: Nathalie Piquart


Ardennes heritage

Nathalie Piquart

Having lived for many years away from her native land, Nathalie Piquart has a heightened awareness of the dscreet riches of the Ardennes. Today, she combines her passions for history, geography and nature with her desire to share them, in her range of unusual historical experiences. 

Meuse water hikes are opportunities for Nathalie to explain the river, and also to follow the trails of beavers. Photo credit Grand Est - V. Muller

The Meuse water hike, in collaboration with the Sedan Canoe Club and group leaders from O2 Sports, is an opportunity to tell the story of the geography and history of the Meuse. 


The cheese hike is a walk in which you will explore flora and fauna, agriculture and history, and then you'll meet Vanessa Ponsin and her 80 sheep. It starts with a guided tour and ends with a tasting.


Other places, other styles: other experiences include a guided tour of a former postal coaching inn at Launois-sur-Vence, the history of felt-making and industry and looking for a lost wine… And soon a tour about Roman roads.


Ardennes Heritage
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The Meuse water hike, in collaboration with the Sedan Canoe Club and group leaders from O2 Sports, tells the story of the geography and history of the Meuse.

©N-Piquart: Meuse water hikes: air, water, sunshine, in short, life.
©J-Fradet: Meuse water hikes, completely safe adventures thanks to a professional team.
©N-Piquart: Discover history while walking, and also learn about agriculture and animal husbandry.
©N-Piquart: The walk is not difficult as there are only slight differences in altitude.

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Vanessa Ponsin and her 80 sheep

Vanessa Ponsin made a lifestyle change to return to nature. In parallel with building and managing three gîtes at Stonne, she looks after a flock of sheep and makes the best of their milk.

Visitors are attracted to the farm by its cheese, above all. And also customers from the local farmers' markets and the Farmers' Drive in Charleville-Mézières. There are a dozen different cheeses: plain, flavoured and ash-covered. The headline cheese is "Le Calice", a raw-milk cheese in fresh, dry or mature styles.


The farm's Vantône cosmetics, including hand cream, face cream and body milk are well known for their hydrating and nourishing qualities derived from sheep's milk, considered better than ass's milk.

Vanessa Ponsin is well known as a very active person who brings people together. She really brings the landscap to life, always ready for new challenges. She loves sharing her passion and explaining her work to groups of visitors.


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