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La Papillote

La Papillote

Etienne Banneux

In his up-market grocer’s shop, Etienne Banneux offers an opportunity for his customers to acquaint themselves with local producers. Having changed occupation from chef to grocer after an accident, his restaurant has been converted into a grocer’s shop. 

La Papillote

He chooses only top-quality products with a good reputation that have been recommended by his network of contacts, and he tastes them all before stocking them in his shop. Above all, he aims to put a face to every product, because he thinks that if you like a product you will sell it more convincingly.

He has never really abandoned his chef’s hat, as he uses the products he has chosen to prepare ready-to-eat take-away dishes. And even though he shines a spotlight on local produce, he has never given up his first love, seafood.

Working with his inquisitive clients and careful to understand the origins of the ingredients he uses, he also hopes to enchant visitors who come to stay in his region. He particularly enjoys creating raclette with local cheeses, hosting tastings of Belgian wines and creating dishes of the day inspired by the produce on sale in his shop…


La Papillote
5, Rue de la Station, 6920 WELLIN
Province of Luxembourg, Belgium
Tel: +32 476 35 13 97

Above all, he aims to put a face to every product, because he thinks that if you like a product you will sell it more convincingly. 

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Etienne recommends: Steve Pierre, Coucou de Malines chicken farmer

In the hills above Noirefontaine, Steve Pierre raises “Malines cuckoos” chickens. Authenticity. Passion. Motivation.

A fourth-generation farmer, he took over the family dairy farm in February 2019 and its herd of Red Holstein dairy cows. But he wanted to diversify and get closer to his customers, so he set up a chicken farm to breed and raise “Malines cuckoos” a type of chicken whose meat is more tender and juicier than others. Looking after them requires a lot of technical skill and close attention every day.

It didn’t take long for all the best local chefs to start buying his birds for their restaurants and for him to put in place collaborations with other local producers.

He remains close to his customers by selling direct to them at the farm and by supplying some specialist up-market butcher’s shops. And his birds are used in dishes on the menus of all the best local restaurants.


Elevage des Beaux Chênes
45A, Rue de la Sentinelle, 6831 NOIREFONTAINE (BOUILLON)
Province of Luxembourg, Belgium
Tel: +32 472 74 50 17


Elevage des Beaux Chênes
Elevage des Beaux Chênes - Steve Pierre with a chicken
Elevage des Beaux Chênes - Steve Pierre in the meadow