Escapade to Walestru

Escapade to Walestru

Escapade to Walestru

Michèle Olivier

Between Chimay and the L’Eau d’Heure lakes, Michèle and Vincent love to share their environment, a dairy farm surrounded by woods and meadows. 

Michèle Olivier - Escapade to Walestru

In the kitchen garden you come across miniature goats and chickens wandering about under the fruit trees.

Take a break and be welcomed to the Poetry bedroom, the Romance suite, the Melody caravan or the Ballad cabin, built using recycled materials from dismantled buildings at Florennes barracks. Always cosy.

Cyclists are in heaven here, as Vincent advises them and guides them if required. Repairs, cleaning, storage, all are provided. Hikers are fans too. Others enjoy beginners' pottery classes in Michèle's studio. 

Breakfasts, lunches, set-menu dinners and picnics are all home-made or produced locally and sustainably. Vincent and Michèle know all their suppliers. Authenticity. Flavours.

An open-air escapade available to all, this is their promise...

L'Escapade au Walestru
8, Bois Le Comte, 6440 FROIDCHAPELLE
Province of Hainaut, Belgium
Tel: +32 60 41 18 04

Escapade to Walestru entrance
Escapade to Walestru exterior view
Escapade to Walestru exterior view

Michèle recommends: La Ferme du Clos Berteaux

At La Ferme du Clos Berteaux, Arnaud Pilet has produced organic hemp since 2016, when he decided to stop producing milk. He has signed up his 100% organic and AB-certified farm in the French Ardennes in the movement to rehabilitate hemp, by growing, processing and selling it.

It's an opportunity discover the benefits of hemp as food and for well-being. Oil, whole seeds, processed seeds, flour and soap are on sale at the farm, at local markets and in some local shops. 

And for visitors lacking inspiration, Arnaud offers advice and recipes, including marble cake and vinaigrette salad dressing, so rich in Omega 3 and 6. He also suggests adding the seeds to your breakfast muesli or blending them with water to make hemp milk.

Last cultivated in the Ardennes in the nineteenth century, hemp is making a comeback here.


La Ferme du Clos Berteaux
4, Clos Berteaux, 08150 L'ÉCHELLE
Département des Ardennes, France
Tel: +33 3 24 37 58 09

Hemp fields at La Ferme du Clos Berteaux
Hemp seeds at La Ferme du Clos Berteaux
Hemp plants and seeds at La Ferme du Clos Berteaux
Hemp products at La Ferme du Clos Berteaux
Hemp oil at La Ferme du Clos Berteaux

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