Bubble at Water Dream

water dream

Gîtes et cabanes Rêve d’eau

Henri and John Detiffe 

In the beginning there was a fish form, raising trout and salmon that were sold to the public and local restaurants. Then came the gîtes: two in the former blacksmith's forge (one sleeping up to 5 people and one sleeping up to 8) and a third in the old farmhouse (sleeping up to 14 people). 

Action Portrait at Water Dream


At the other end of the property is a cabin in an oak tree, 6m above the ground. It’s very simple, lit with candles and heated by a wood-burning stove.

On the river bank, the Water Dream bubble is a cocoon with views over the valley, where guests can completely immerse themselves in the sounds and movements of nature.

All guests are provided with baskets of home-made or locally produced produce for breakfast.

The activities programme for guests includes: lake fishing, exploring the Saint-Michel Forest in France and remembrance of the Second World War with the Maginot Line bunkers and the first houses in Belgium that were liberated in 1944.


Gîtes et Cabanes Rêve d’eau
12, Rue de Cendron, 6596 FORGE-PHILIPPE
Province of Hainaut, Belgium
Tel: +32 472 33 62 65

Guests can completely immerse themselves in the sounds and movements of nature.

The bubble at Water Dream
The lake at Water Dream
Cabin Gîte at Water Dream
View of Water Dream

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Recommended by Henri and John: Les Escargots de S’lognes

At Seloignes, in the boot-heel of Hainaut, Joël Sobry raises “petits-gris” snails that are famous for their tender, tasty flesh. He sells them prepared in various classic ways, for example cooked in stock in sterilised jars containing 24 or 48. But he also prepares them in more unusual ways, for example his “escargotine”, a snail terrine with hazelnuts and almonds, or in “suçarelle”, a Provençal sauce.

Served In a puff pastry shell or fried in tempura batter as a starter, or with pasta and suçarelle sauce as a main course, the snails of S’Lognes feature in all good menus.

The S’Lognes snail farm sells direct to the public and also to good restaurants in the Momignies, Chimay and Couvin districts, local butcher’s shops and specialist up-market grocer’s shops, among others.

From June to October, visitors can make an appointment for an interesting guided tour of the snail farm.


Les Escargots de S’lognes
60, Rue de la Saboterie, 6596 SELOIGNES
Province of Hainaut, Belgium
Tel: +32 478 63 28 04

Polytunnel at Les Escargots de S'Lognes
Products at Les Escargots de S'Lognes
Outside Les Escargots de S'Lognes